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Why Get a Writing Coach?

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

Writers struggle, right? Writers, get blocked. Right? Writers have issues, yes? Everybody knows that. But is it right that writers NEED to have these issues? Is it really part of the job?

In coaching writers, my goal is to do the deep dive, to discover the truth that lies deep within them about the answer to that question. Do I really need to struggle with my mental health in order to be a writer?

The answer is different for everyone.

For writers who want to explore these questions and turn towards the inner demons, I offer companionship on that inner journey. I bring with me my skill, experience and training in a wide range of methods, therapies, reflective and intuitive practices, possibilities and explorations.

It's good to have a companion on any kind of quest. No journey is complete without a sidekick. The best quests are those where we risk everything in order to battle our demons, forge new connections, gain deeper wisdom, and return with an elixir, ready to end that chapter and begin the next. And a hero also needs a mentor, someone with the skills and wisdom to take a step back, to see the wider picture and to help us find the courage to dig deep.

You could call me a professional sidekick, wise mentor and cheer squad all wrapped into one. It's going to be you doing the work at every step of the way, but that doesn't mean you can't share the load and draw on the wisdom and experience of another.

You could choose your great aunt Bertha to be your mentor. I'm sure she's up to the task. And I'm sure she'll be proud of you. But can she challenge you to face into the difficult parts of yourself, inspire in you the courage to dig deep when you need it most?

A writing coach can. And with the broad range of training, skills and experience I bring along, you couldn't ask for a better coach.

Now, who's ready for an adventure?

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